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Safeguard Cotton Face Cover

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The Safeguard Anti-Pollution face mask by Armor London brings you the latest in personal protection.

For every face mask order received, we will donate a face mask to #frontline #keyworkers in the UK.

The Safeguard Anti-Pollution face mask is supplied with 2 replaceable 5 layer filters which are effective in blocking the vast majority of airborne particulates, including even the very smallest nanoparticles, as well as an activated carbon filter for additional air purification and heat dissipation.

Made from cotton with a choice of 3 camo print effects giving you a comfortable and breathable fit, the Safeguard is washable and comes with 2 replaceable 5 layer filters.

The Safeguard  helps to ensure that the air you breathe doesn't compromise your health.

The mask is supplied with a soft silicone neckband, which makes the mask more comfortable to wear;  avoiding irritation, soreness behind the ear, commonly found with prolonged face mask use.

Adjustable ear bands and metallic nose strip. 

Additional filters are available to purchase here.

The mask keeps your face cool in summer, with its built-in air vent along with UV protection and is washable/reusable.


Activated Carbon Filter
Skin Friendly
PM2.5 - PM10 Filtration
Includes 2 replaceable filters
This item does not meet standards like DIN149, EN143 or others like issued by NIOSH, FDA, NHS, N95, KN95 etc., and has not been certified to meet any of these standards.
All neckbands are black. Packaging may vary.
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Our face masks/covers for the nose and mouth are fashion articles, intended for private use and do not meet any medical standards.
Our face masks/covers have not been tested or certified as personal protection equipment (PPE). They are not protective masks/covers of any kind.
Our face masks/covers are not suitable for use in health care, nursing homes or any other use cases requiring a reduction of exposure to airborne contaminants.
Our face masks/covers will not provide protection to you or others from spreading viruses. Worn over your mouth and nose our face masks/covers can limit the spread of droplets.
Wash before every use at 30°C using regular detergent. Wash before first use.
Change our face masks/covers when the fabric becomes moist.
Wearing the covering does not replace any hygiene standards. Stay home, when possible. Keep distance. Wash your hands with soap regularly. Don’t touch our face masks/covers when you are wearing them.
Our face masks/covers DO NOT meet standards such as; DIN149, EN143 or others like issued by NIOSH, FDA, NHS, N95, KN95 etc., and have not been certified to meet any of these standards.
Safeguard Cotton Face Cover

Safeguard Cotton Face Cover